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We're Not Lost.

by Andrea Gauster

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Seohee 03:40
It’s his time, and there’s a her / he’s been gone for months I’m sure / that his laugh is ringing louder than it was before / and we will let him go / spare the time alone / ‘cause her love, he deserves / it will mend the sores / of an old love broken down by old age / he’s watching you / he wants you to give her all of your love / boy the pain will fade / I’m watching you / I want you to be happy / be happy / innocence, lessons learned / I’m ready, the tide has turned / could she really be the one I’ve been waiting for? / the kick drum in my chest / a mirror, my hair’s a mess / if you leave promise you will come back to me / and if our paths don’t cross each other’s alone / I’ll find a way to go where you go / and when the ocean closes between us we’ll set / sail together in this life forever / and I will take good care of her rest assured / I’ll love her and you will see her again / you’ll see her again / it’s simple, we’re almost there / a small room, just two chairs / take my hand, hold it tight / when we sleep tonight / the water that kept our love alive / will flow until our worlds collide / and the space that kept our hearts miles apart / will make room for our life to start / our life will start right here with you
Secrets 03:59
why is it you seem to be nothing but oh so happy? / when I would cry if I were you / and am I so wrong to wonder why / you can live your life lost in your mind / a place so empty, you have betrayed / every thought but how to get laid // chorus: and I know I shouldn’t tell / my secrets should be kept to myself / why’s happiness sometimes such a difficult sell? / I bet you think you know just how I feel // I sometimes feel masculine / because I don’t know how to win / against a woman who looks like her / and though I try on most days / to put on a face I can display / I sometimes wish that I could pay the world to look away //chorus// does it make me bitter to think you’re naïve? / and a tad too simple for the likes of me / of course I want pleasure but let’s be serious / there’s nothing more left here for the two of us / call me depressed, call me a feminist / call me what you want, I could not care less / I choose to see the world I’m living in / that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it / oh I’m enjoying it / ya I quite like it / so eat shit //chorus//
Warm 04:26
I realize I could give up / I have no one to sing of / and I’m scared / but the bags hanging round my door / and his kong on the kitchen floor / have filled by cup with love / just because I’m wrong doesn’t mean that I should stop / I know I could be happier but that’s just tough luck / ‘cause this song’s making my dog cry / and I think I should be by your side / but I’m not // chorus: and it took me a while to know / that the worst place for me to go / is to your place when I’m feeling this way / and the light shining in my face / as I fall asleep to the taste of what it feels like to be alone / will keep me warm / warm / ‘till someone comes home // like the saying goes I’ll just dust myself off / remind my heart of everything that I’ve never lost / then I’ll make myself dinner / and wish I was thinner / and hold it against you that you loved her / and maybe I will be better off / but these core feelings won’t subside / ‘till I convince myself that I tried / to come to terms with a fate I can’t win / ‘cause the truth lying in the stars / has made it apparent that I’m not yours / did the fact that I loved you make me lose a friend? //chorus// ‘till you come home
your underwear on my floor / your blond hair in my tandoori chicken / I cooked all day / come sit down this should not go to waste //chorus: but I’ve known you for too long to say I give up let’s move on / and I should not wait so long to say I love you / I sometimes forget // my darling you can’t wear that / that lipstick makes you look fat / your chewing drives me insane / you drink too much / you just complain //chorus// and it took us time to get here / but the way you laugh makes it clear / that you are the only one I’ll ever love / and if we keep our heads up high / and give it our best shot keep trying / we’ll know just what to do / we’ll make it through / just me and you / ‘cause I would not waste my time on any other / why bother? / when your flaws are the reason I love you just the way you are / and I would not waste my time on any other / why bother? / when your flaws are the reason I love you just the way you are
By You 04:01
I was scared years ago that I wouldn’t meet / someone with your soul; a place so deep / where my love for you could grow and grow / a place that I no longer need because now I see // chorus: that I can’t love you anymore than I do now / if I could, I’d try to, but there’s no way it’s possible / like the rain needs the clouds to come pouring down / I need your love in my life, need to hear your sound / I was found by you // and the small span of a hallway made me realize that we / were standing much too far away than we were supposed to be / and just one glance at your smile; miles and miles / I would run for you just to say this here to you //chorus// take my hand / the sun shines brighter baby without you I cannot stand / I have planned a life for us together try to comprehend / that like the colours staining these glass windows / without you I have no hue / you make me glow / I hope you know I love you //chorus//
Knee Deep 04:46
I’ve been thinking lately about a thing we call love / head over, feet forward, walking down, gaining ground, losing, sweet sweet love / I’ve tried each time to pursue hidden clues / knee deep I got stuck in mud / stained and tainted I walked on ‘till I could see through the clouds / and there you were / an answer to the pains that were keeping me sore / you let me in but then you slammed my fingers in the door / when I say go you think I’m asking you for more / here comes the rain, just walk away // chorus: dirt turns sticky / we’re stuck knee deep / in this thing we call love / this could be love, this could be // I once saw a man cross the street with bare feet / frozen, a smile on his face / splintered and cold he tried to keep warm / with a coat from his past life / to my surprise / he started running ‘till he reached the other side / into her arms wide open, they began to cry / I can’t say for sure but I think the world just might / have witnessed true love that day //chorus// oh what can we say / when we know nothing about the way this could go / and I will try a thousand times ‘till it feels right / it might feel right a thousand times / you think you love me / I’m tired and thirsty / dry mouths we both dive in / but refuse to swim / why do we confuse our hearts with all of these games? / roll the dice and wait for them to walk our way / we’ve all got filthy scars and souls made out of clay / won’t you let love shape yours today? //chorus//
this is meant to hurt you / spill the truth / stain you / with soul shattering / heart hating / words so mean / like you and I were never right / and your selfish pride will keep you curb side / and love won’t agree with your cowardly ways / and your remaining days will be spent all alone // chorus: but now I see just what you really meant to me / tears for you won’t dry / ‘till I cry out my eyes now for you, love / ‘till I’ve had enough of you // I’m so sorry that you’re ugly and unemployed / if I knew of a lesser man, I bet you’d be his fan / aspire to be like him / and I know not what I saw in you / an old man with one too few upstairs / and if I may give you one last hit / it’s that she’s a stupid bitch and you will regret this //chorus// how was I so wrong? / you kept my heart for too long / and your sensitive bit sucked me in / you laid it thick / are you so cruel that you made your move in her perfume? //chorus//
Chain 06:09
I can’t pretend your silent ways / were the best I had in my better days / and though you know me better than he does now / I feel you less each passing year somehow / and what I want I know I don’t need / so don’t waste your time trying to forgive me / ‘cause I’ve used you when I needed hope and grace / but left you stranded each happy sunday // chorus: the guilt I feel now may not escape my thoughts / but I think I’ve done the best with what I’ve got / and the guilt on my chain and his attractive face / has held me down but made this a better place / for you // I’ve got boots to fill and bills to pay / but what does it matter if we’ll all be gone someday / and he loves me more than I thought he could / so let me stay / I’ll do all you say I should / and I’ll never know the way it’s been / a whole life through, stuck with him / and my gambling tongue will question the father and son / if only they know which day we’ll all be done / and I may not believe in you specifically / but just in case don’t forget about me / ‘cause I’ve been good and look up time and again / hoping there you’ll be reaching out your hand //chorus//
Scream 04:38
I saw the wind take shape on the tail of a garbage bag today / and as it drew curly queues in front of me / I realized how to be free / sometimes I’m scared that what I do best has nothing to do with how I spend my time / that every day the decisions I make trap me in a place I’m afraid to call mine / and I’ve turned every love into a part time job / and my new life has robbed all of my creative thoughts / but each and every song cut down right to the bone / has pieces of him thrown in each and every tone / what some call success I know as insecurity / we change the way we move ‘cause someone could be watching / and I thought I found myself, but that was years ago / take from me any hope and give me some time alone / and I’m not lost / no I’m not wasting my time / I could lose you / if you left me I’d be fine / no we’re not lost / and we’re not wasting our time / we could lose / we could lose / but we’ll be / we’ll be fine / though we’ve turned most our loves into a part time job / and our lives have robbed all of our creative thoughts / and each and every song cut down right to the bone / has pieces of you thrown in each and every tone / so take this hint from me ‘cause I’ve been so naïve / some call it misery but some have been cheating / we’ve got the world you see / wrapped up in front and we must / whisper if we can’t speak / why can’t I hear you scream?
I’m not over it / I thought you were it / and if I could just let go / I would / but I saw your sweet face earlier today / but I hid because I knew right away it would be too hard to stay / and admit that // chorus: I do love you still / and I have tried to be with you since / and I do not love anyone but you // can you remember that night? / our bodies beneath the starlight / a moment you knew I created for you to ensure you feel like I do / and I’m back to making you / the things that I wanted you to be / but at least I knew not before what I do / my heart lies for you //chorus//
babe it’s Christmas / and I miss us / the snow feels so cold without you to hold / and I’m crazy for you lately / each song that I hear makes me wish you were here / stop your crying / I’d be lying / if I told you right now that I’m not feeling down / ‘cause I miss you / my gift for you / a few weeks of love ‘till we’ve had enough / let us hold each other one more time this year / forget our struggles / love like lovers do / soon this feeling will disappear / but in the meantime come here and be mine and love me / and this ugly Christmas tree / love me / there’s no reason to feel lonely baby / and I know we tried / to make this thing work / each time we got hurt / but can’t we confide in the love we once shared? / ‘cause I’m not prepared to do this without you / without you / I don’t want to / spend Christmas without you / without you / I don’t want to / let us hold each other one more time this year / forget our struggles / love like lovers do / soon this feeling will disappear / but in the meantime come here and be mine / hold each other one more time this year / soon this feeling will disappear / but in the meantime come here and be mine / and love me / and this kitschy Christmas tree / love me / there’s no reason to feel lonely baby / baby


all songs written by andrea gauster sometime in 2008-2010. produced & recorded by james pew at euphonic sound recording studio (using studio 2.0) in toronto. co-produced by andrea gauster, adam campbell & freddy gabrsek. arrangement by james pew, andrea gauster & adam campbell (except for tears for you – arrangement by james pew & andrea gauster). engineered by james pew. assistant sound engineers: shawn daley, connor osborne, duke ellis & phillip newman. mixed by james pew & freddy gabrsek. mastered by freddy gabrsek. released on: broken window records. label type: independent.

© + ℗ andrea gauster music 2010 (SOCAN). all rights reserved. unauthorized duplication of this recording happens all the time (but is prohibited by law). if the copy you’re listening to was free, I’ll forgive you. but at least let me know if you enjoyed it or not: andreagauster@gmail.com (and tell your friends, come to a show, buy a t-shirt, give me a hug etc).

made with love in canada on 100% PCW paper. now please, pick up some litter and smile. you’ll feel wonderful.


released August 26, 2010

the completion of this record would not have been possible without the help of many multi-talented and beautiful people. infinite thanks and a big hug and kiss go to the following for devoting their time and passion to this project:

emma mckee (where sass meets class) – album photography. jenna audrey wood – album artwork, style and suitcase. boom. goldwin kendrick – artwork editing. sean sirianni – for filming/documenting this process (and the stellar vocal appearance in knee deep). the entire family at euphonic sound and broken window records – let’s play ping pong again soon.

judy lee – for the moving story that inspired seohee. rob carnell, amanda putz and craig norris - for giving my songs their first chance on the radio. hanna könig - for being my first official tour groupie.

graydon james and laura spink – for lending your beautiful voices and personalities (again!) and neglecting sleep to do so. aaron solomon – for knowing how to play every stringed instrument there is (and understanding what I mean when I say ‘make it sound weird’). I’m very privileged to have your talents on both albums. shawn daley – for being your modest self (even though awesomeness seeps through your pores). your bass rocks my base. thank you.

to three very special men:
freddy gabrsek – for being the big hairy man you’re not. I’m truly honoured to have your passion and expertise on my side. adam campbell – for making the stage feel like home. I’m so lucky to have the brilliance you offer live on this album. so one whale says to the other whale... and finally, james pew – where do I begin? creating with you has made this experience one of the most enriching times in my life. it’s so hard to describe what it’s like to work with someone who is so creatively in tune with what you do. I have found that with you and could not be more grateful. thank you for believing in me and my music. it is quite obvious that I’m working with one of the greats. candles? yes! to all three of you – this record wouldn’t be what it is without you.

more shots of love go to:
my loving family and friends (you know who you are). everyone who discouraged me from changing my stage name to docta’ dre. my class and faculty at queens for supporting this side of me (and making me believe both worlds can collide). everyone I love (and have ever loved). you are/were worth it.

and to you. the listeners who inspire me to keep at this. your support does not go unnoticed. thank you for sharing your stories and being so receptive to mine. if I’m confident about one thing, it’s that you make me feel like I’m not lost. for that, I love you (and hope to see you very soon).


all rights reserved



Andrea Gauster Toronto, Ontario

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